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Temperance - making a N.E.W.  S.T.A.R.T.

Temperance - NEWSTART

In the beginning ... the choice was clear.

Few marine animals are as mysterious, hypnotic, and intimidating as jellyfish. These bizarre gelatinous creatures are 97 percent water and quite transparent, hence the name "jellyfish."

At first glance, it's amazing that they are living at all. They have no heart, no blood, and no gills, bones, or cartilage. Scientists have determined that some jellies have eyes that can detect light, which is amazing when you consider that they don't have a brain!

Jellyfish move up and down by using special muscles to draw water into the bell and then push it out again, yet they really have no choice where they are going. They are basically carried about whichever way the wind and water currents move them.

But unlike the jellyfish, God gave man a brain and the power of choice.

Does God really mean what he says?

In the beginning, God gave Adam and Eve freedom to eat from the tree of life and almost every other fruit in the garden. But He warned that eating - or even touching - the forbidden fruit of one tree would result in death. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil stood in the midst of the garden as a choice between loyalty or disobedience. Sadly, these first humans ended up viewing this dangerous fruit as good for food and for enhancing their wisdom.

They went against God's clear command and, in one bite, a tsunami of sin and heartache swept across this world. And even though this forbidden tree is no longer in this world, could there be other "forbidden fruits" today that sap our joy and rob us of our freedom?

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