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Jim Hohnberger

It's About People-Book

(Jim Hohnberger - 125 pages)

Learn how to share your faith in a powerful new way by remaining loving and compassionate even with those who disagree with you and your faith. Learn how Jesus treated those who would not receive Him, was just as important as the truth He taught.

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It's About You

(Jim Hohnberger - 32 pages)

God didn't throw Aaron out when ge built the golden calf and lied about it. He did not discard David when he fell into adultery and murder. he is committed to restoring you regardless of your past, regardless of how many times you have fallen. He has a plan for your life, because.... [Click for more info ->]

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Mastering the Basics Audio CD's

(Jim Hohnberger - 6 CDs)

Many Christians simply are not living the victorious life. Their life seems to be a story of continually giving way to irritation and frustration, feelings and emotions, appetites and passions. Why is this? Is there a simple solution? And if so, how do we apply it?

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Men of Power - Book

(Jim Hohnberger - 223 pages)

Every Man is Entitled to a Rich Legacy! Like buried treasure, this legacy is too often obscured. Faulty concepts and conflicting expectations deprive men of the real wealth that is rightfully theirs. Many men feel pressured to simply accept this state of affairs. But inwardly,.... [Click for more info ->]

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Revitalize Your Marriage

(Jim Hohnberger - 48 pages)

If you see problems in your life without a lot of solutions, rejoice because God has a solution for you. We can live an empowered life, acquire empowered marriages, and enjoy empowered families. It has worked for others, and it will work for you as well.

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