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His Healing Love - Bible Studies

(Cliff Gleason & Arnet Mathers - pages)

39 beautifully simple and yet beautifully complete Bible studies.

These lessons are intended to lead the student into a clear understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and into an intimate walk with Him. The only textbook used is the Bible. The truths found in these lessons come from the Bible and the Bible alone. They are the teachings of God and not the traditions of man.

Each lesson has simple, fill-in-the-blank questions, and follow-up study notes that give a brief commentary on each question. Use individually or in a study group. Convenient 5 ½ x 8 ½” format, pages come pre-drilled for a standard half-sheet size binder (binder not included), allowing the teacher or presenter to share the lessons one at a time. Lesson notes are illustrated where appropriate (the image of Daniel 2, and prophetic timelines, for instance).

Lessons can be used for one-on-one studies, or in a study group. The DVD, Living in His Love is designed to accompany these lessons (available separately). Also excellent for adult-guided studies with youth or preparing young people for baptism. A curriculum CD and instructions for children to make a lapbook highlighting each lesson is available separately.

Lesson Titles: 
1. The Theme of the Bible
2. Can the Bible Be Trusted?
3. The Origin of Sin and Suffering
4. The Godhead
5. Son of God and Son of Man
6. The Plan of Salvation
7. How to Talk to God
8. The Love of God
9. Our Response to Love
10. The Cross
11. An Advocate With the Father
12. Born Again
13. Alone With God
14. Christ in Us
15. The Holy Spirit
16. Living to Serve
17. Love in the Home
18. Second Coming of Christ
19. Life Only in Christ
20. God in Control
21. Attack on Truth
22. The True Messian
23. Christ in His Sanctuary
24. Day of Atonement
25. The Judgment of God
26. Judgment for the Saints
27. 1000 Years in Heaven
28. The End of Rebellion
29. Home of the Saved
30. God’s Holy Day
31. The Seal of God
32. The Mark of the Beast
33. Gifts of the Spirit
34. The Spirit of Prophecy
35. God’s Last Church
36. Glorifying the Provider
37. Life at Its Best
38. Living for Christ
39. Baptism

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