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Coconut Syrup Nectar 350 ml


BANABAN Coconut Nectar Syrup - calledKa maimai by the Banabans people. It is a 100% totally natural sweetener made of pure and fresh coconut sap. The Banaban people have used Ka maimai to make a sweet drink and to enhance their food. It is an essential part of their traditional diet.

BANABAN Coconut Nectar Syrup has a lovely rich and sweet taste with a distinct coconut fruity flavour. It is richer in nutrients and has a lower Glycemic index (GI) of 35 than honey or other types of syrup including maple syrup.

What is Ka maimai and where does it come from?

The Banabans gather the sap from the new fonts at the top of the coconut tree. This is a traditional skill known as 'koro karewa' (or gathering coconut toddy) which has been passed down to the men over the centuries. This sweet sap is extracted and boiled turning it into a lovely thick golden sweet syrup.


This syrup is called 'ka maimai'  and is used as a natural sweetener or mixed with water to make a lovely sweet drink. While we in the western world have developed a taste for sugary sweet soft drinks, in the island’s 'ka maimai' is nature’s own soft drink.

If the fresh sap from the spats is not boiled within 24 hours the liquid will quickly ferment or sour into what is referred to as ‘coconut toddy’ or 'sour toddy'  which is the island's local alcoholic beverage like beer.

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