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Women's Ordination Controversy DVD set

(Pr Rod Anderson - 2 DVDs)

Pastor Rod Anderson, of The Orchard Melbourne Central City Church and Greenvale SDA Church, has researched the Women’s Ordination topic thoroughly in consultation with many of his Adventist Pastor colleagues and presents his conclusions as to why he believes women’s ordination to be contrary to scripture and Ellen White’s position on the subject.  There are five presentations on this DVD set (2 DVDs) by Pastor Anderson and a sixth by Pastor Louis Bermudaz of Warnambool SDA Church. The topics are -

No 1: Women’s Ordination and Biblical Authority.
No 2: Pagan Priestesses and What Bible Verses Support Women’s Ordination
No 3: Writer’s Myths and Eisegesis  
No 4: South Pacific Perspectives on Women’s Ordination
No 5: A Path to Ruin or Reformation?
No 6: God’s Original Plan (Pastor Louis Bermudaz)

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