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Daniel & the Revelation 1897 Edition

(Uriah Smith - 773 pages)

Written more than a century ago, this classic book has had an unrivaled influence on the understanding of Bible prophecy. Originally distributed as a series of articles, and then as separate books about Daniel and Revelation, these writings were combined into one book in the late 1800s and sold door-to-door. This volume is the 1897 edition, a reproduction of the original version.

Remarkably, Uriah Smith’s interpretation of prophecy has, for the most part, borne the test of time and is as highly regarded and relevant today as it was years ago. With wisdom and clarity, Smith explores the symbols, meaning, and significance of the biblical prophecies and causes readers to trust the sure Word of God.

Join the long line of believers who have studied this work, discovered God’s leading in earth’s story, and look forward to the triumphant finale of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Paper, 6 x 9 inches, 773 pages


   I. Daniel in Captivity
   II. The Great Image
   III. The Fiery Ordeal
   IV. Nebuchadnezzar’s Decree
   V. Belshazzar’s Feast
   VI. Daniel in the Lion’s Den
   VII. The Four Beasts
   VIII. The Ram, He-Goat, and Little Horn
   IX. The Seventy Weeks
   X. Daniel’s Last Vision
   XI. A Literal Prophecy
   XII. Closing Scenes
   I. Intruductory Vision
   II. The Seven Churches
   III. The Seven Churches, Continued
   IV. The Heavenly Sanctuary
   V. The Heavenly Sanctuary, Continued
   VI. The Seven Seals
   VII. Sealing of the 144,000
   VIII. The Seven Trumpets
   IX. The Seven Trumpets, Continued
   X. Proclamation of the Advent
   XI. The Two Witnesses
   XII. The Gospel Cannon
   XIII. Persecuting Powers Professedly Christian
   XIV. The Three Messages
   XV. The Seven Last Plagues
   XVI. The Plagues Poured Out
   XVII. Babylon — The Mother
   XVIII. Babylon — The Daughter
   XIX. Triumph of the Saints
   XX. The First and Second Resurrections
   XXI. The New Jerusalem
   XXII. The Tree and the River of Life

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