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Drama of the Ages

(William Branson - 598 pages)

Drama of the Ages

The story of man's fall, Jesus' sacrifice to make possible his redemption, and the final restoration of the saved in the new earth. 

Bible study summaries follow many of the chapters. 80 full-page illustrations, 14 color in the subscription edition. - 

1 A Rebel Visits Eden 
2 Paradise Lose 
3 The Results of Sin 
4 Unto You Is Born a Saviour 
5 Jesus The Son of God
6 The Man: Christ Jesus 7 His Blood for Our Sins 
8 What Must I Do to Be Saved? 
9 Twice-born Men 1
0 Justified by Faith 
11 Living by Faith 
12 Arise and Be Baptized 
13 At the Lord's Table 
14 Our Heavenly Allies 
15 Eternal Life Through Christ 
16 The Great Deception 
17 How to Get Answers to Prayer 
18 The Gospel Illustrated 
19 Shadows of the Cross Abolished 
20 God's Two Laws 
21 God's Way in the Sanctuary 
22 Full Pardon Through the Atonement 
23 The Earthly Sanctuary Defiled by Sin, Cleansed With Blood 
24 Cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary; the Judgment 
25 The Judgment Day Fixed 
26 God Warns the Nations 
27 Salvation Through the New Covenant 
28 Heavenly Citizenship 
29 The True Israel of God 
30 The Sign of the True God 
31 The Sign of Christ's Power to Save 
32 God's Sign Altered by Man 
33 Man Is Akin to God 
34 Jesus Is Coming Again 
35 Signs That His Coming Is Near 
36 There Shall Be Wars 
37 Armageddon and the End 
38 Deliverance at Last 
39 Christ's Final Victory Over Sin 
40 Paradise Restored

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