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My New Skin Herbal Cream (20g Tube) with Olive and Lemon Myrtle

MyNewSkinUF7 is an intensively nourishing and restoring skin health product made from a unique combination of fresh plant extracts. These extracts are derived from herbs that are grown on our specialized Herb ‘Farmacy’ in Queensland Australia.

Only Nature provides the nutrients necessary to keep your face and body looking and feeling healthy, providing the nourishment to restore aged and damaged skin.

In nature, the old is constantly being replaced with the new. With MyNewSkinUF7 we maximize this renewing principle by using a unique combination of our own hand-picked, fresh plant ingredients that are processed within minutes of being picked at our chemical-free fresh-herb ‘Farmacy’ in Queensland, Australia.
  • Nourishing
  • Moisturising
  • Soothing
  • Refreshing
  • Replenishing
Comments from people after using MyNewSkinUF7 for just 30 days:

Persistent Rash
After 30 DAYS: “Thank you so very much for your
beautiful new product. In just a few days - face and
neck is really soft and smooth. Also it has cleared
up a persistent allergy rash I have had for ever in
just three days.”

Dry Patches
After 30 DAYS: “Dry skin, especially hands are now
softer. Healed small cuts and cracks around nails
rapidly. Dry patches on knees and side of left leg
almost totally gone! Face feels soft and glowing.

Spots on both hands
After 30 DAYS: “Clearing very well. Happy with

Very dry skin
After 30 DAYS: “Your product made an amazing
difference to my hands which are often in motor
oil etc. at work. I found your product to also help
cracks in the skin around fingernails.”

Aged skin that was blotchy. Wrinkles around
my eyes.
After 30 DAYS: “The wrinkles around my eyes have
disappeared. The skin tone on my face is now more
even and softer.”

Extra dry and sensitive skin (creeping and
After 30 DAYS: “Almost every other (commercial
product) causes me grief as it burns. MyNewSkinUF7
has been calming and that was all I required. Pure
joy to use. Thank you.”

White flaky spots on feet. Fungus under toe nails,
Chafed hands - pressure sore on hip.
After 30 DAYS: “Has reduced the size of spots and
took away itch. Is killing fungus. Hands are good -
sore is slowly shrinking.”

Bad burn on fingers. Dry skin on hands. Cracked
lips/wind burn.
After 30 DAYS: Burned fingers totally healed.
Showed signs after two hours. Dry skin felt softer
after two weeks. Cracked lips improved noticeably.
Persistent rash. Infected insect bites. Wound on
foot after operation 15 months ago.
After 30 DAYS: Rash cleared after a few days.
Infected insect bites healed. Wound healed. Also
seemed to help with scar tissue.

Dry, itchy areas. Scaly legs.
After 30 DAYS: I had dry skin itchy in areas such as
under arms and breasts. I used the MyNewSkinUF7
every day - loved it. My dry skin has gone - itchy bits
all better. I used it all over my body and legs. I loved
using this on my face especially.

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