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Join Our Escape from Death-Row Cancer Jail

(Barry Thomson - 176 pages)

In April 2003, I was diagnosed with two primary concurrent melanomas. This meant that I had two separate deadly melanomas, EACH with the potential to spread and develop secondary melanoma. Basically, this doubled my chances of dying from melanoma cancer.

 One, on my left inner ankle, was a Clark level 4 – the second worst category of melanoma. The pathology report read "showing evidence of epidermal ulceration and probable lymphatic spread." Such a melanoma would normally prove terminal.

The second melanoma was on my back at mid waist. It proved to be a Clark level 5, the worst category of melanoma and usually considered terminal as I was told by a leading Oncologist, no treatment was available as chemotherapy and radiation are ineffective against melanoma. My only chance to beat melanoma was to find my own cure or I would die.

 Our own Doctor twice said to my wife "sell your business and do anything that you have ever wanted to do." Clearly he believed that my two melanomas would prove to be terminal.

Year 2003 was a truly horrible year for me. I had and still have no medical background or training as I started a frantic search for information that would show me how to use natural therapies to become free of melanoma. My own extensive research, plus information from numerous books by cancer survivors and others, enabled me to compile a cancer fighting regimen which defeated my melanomas and proved effective against other cancers. I do not give or purport to give medical advice nor can I guarantee the same success for everyone.

By following the regimen in my book, a number of other people, with a diverse range of cancers have told me that they or their relatives became cancer free. The cancers that they defeated included bowel cancer, non-malignant inoperable brain tumour, aggressive T-cell lymphoma and ovarian cystic carcinoma. I also had feedback that other people had used the information in my book to overcome their cancers but was not given specific information.

In June, 2008 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The tumour grew to totally block my large bowel. Urgent surgery was required and the tumour was removed. Post-surgery, due to twists in my small bowel blocking food intake, only twelve days after my first surgery , a second surgery was needed to correct this blockage. Extremely ill, I then spent four nights in Intensive Care in an induced coma and was close to death.

When I returned to my ward room, my surgeon told me that I had - " 100% definitely" - cancer cells in my lymph system, He recommended very strongly that I undertake six months of chemotherapy. He was clearly stunned when I emphatically refused his chemotherapy saying "I do not need chemotherapy I can get rid of the cancer cells myself." Almost two years later I underwent a colonoscopy, which showed NO POLYPS and NO CANCER. My surgeon commented "you have made a remarkable recovery and been an inspirational patient."

My defeat of double melanoma and bowel cancer - with no chemotherapy or radiation - was only possible because other people took the time, and made the effort, to write books which contained vital live-saving information for me to utilize against my cancers. Free of cancer and considering myself so very fortunate, I felt an intense sense of obligation to "give-back" - to share my story, my experiences and my accumulated knowledge and help other people to also defeat their cancer. The outcome was my book "Join Our Escape from Death-Row Cancer Jail."

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