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Heart to Heart - A Journey of Love

(Velda Mason - 1 CD)

This album is a compilation of prayerful songs which has taken 3 years to produce. Music became the therapy I craved after my fourteen year-old son (Jake), who struggled with depression, took his own life in November 2010. To help me cope, as an outlet,  God inspired me to write down some of my thoughts and prayers, which evolved into some songs fir this album. I desperately wanted that connection from MY heat to GOD'S heart - hence the album title - and to sense God's direction for my life, as my navigation system was well and truly lost with no compass or sense of control. Other songs chosen for the album are personal favourites from various artists, that reflected how I felt, but more importantly, portrayed the loving message of Hope through Jesus Christ, who never abandons us in our pain. 

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