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Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy 11 Part Series

(Pr Tim Roosenberg - 6 DVDs)

Tim Roosenberg is an author and Prophecy Seminar presenter. Tim pastored for 25 years until he went into a full- time, traveling prophecy seminar ministry in August of 2011. He loves to present prophecy to people of any or no religious background. All are welcome at his seminars.

Tim Roosenberg presents this revealing study of Bible prophecy relevant to today’s modern world. Pastor Roosenberg has studied prophecy for over 25 years and has discovered that following the interpretation methods of the early church and the reformers results in the most reliable and logical understanding of Bible prophecy.

In “Islam and Christianity” Tim will help you understand a remarkable Bible prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12. This prophecy starts in Daniel’s time and chronologically unfolds through the time of Christ, extending through our time and on to the end of the millennium. This prophecy includes a future major conflict between Islam and Christianity.

Tim has been focusing on Daniel 11 since 2002, when he suddenly understood it while discussing prophecy with another Bible student. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to understand Bible prophecy and current events more clearly than ever before and face the future with confidence and peace.
  1. Islam vs. Christianity, The Basics
  2. The King of the North and the Little Horn Antichrist Beast
  3. The Role of the U.S. in Prophecy
  4. The Role of Israel in Prophecy
  5. The Role of Islam in Prophecy
  6. Tidings from the East and the Mark of the Beast
  7. When Michael Stands Up
  8. The Worst Ever Time of Trouble
  9. Jesus Rescues His People
  10. Millennium and the New Earth
  11. "What About ISIS?"

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