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A Fresh Look at Country Living - MP3 CD

(Waters Family and Paul & Carolyn Rayne - 1 CD)

Before Sin marred the work of God's perfect creation, a beautiful garden was the place He chose for man's first home. Country living is still God's plan for His people! It provides a quite place to be still and know God personally; a refuge in a world of turmoil; a place to develop Christian character more readily than in the city. ... The closer we come to God's original plan, the easier it will be to come into union with Christ, be useful in His service at home and beyond, and finally be prepared to live with Him throughout eternity.

  1. Building Character for Eternity - Tom
  2. God's Plan for His People - Paul
  3. How God Led Us - Tom & Alane
  4. Led to the Country-Twice - Paul & Carolyn
  5. Practical Considerations & How-to's - Tom
  6. Country Living a Blessing to All - Waters Family

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