Feast Keeping and the Faithful

Pr Justis St. Hilaire

Have you ever wondered if feast keeping is something that Christians are to consider following today? Do you know someone who is a feast keeper, or, are you already keeping the feasts to the best of your ability? Pastor Justis St. Hilaire explores these questions and considerations from a Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy approach that will encourage and enlighten this issue that many are looking into today. The answers to these questions will surprise you.

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Promo clip for 1844 and Being Honest About Our Doctrines

Some people believe in 1844 mostly because they refuse to think or look at any objections to the teachings of the Adventist church. Others abandon key aspects of our teaching because they do look at objections. Eugene Prewitt addresses how one can be intellectually honest without losing one’s spiritual bearings

A Thinking Generation seminars

Promotional video for A Thinking Generation Ministries seminars.

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Dragon Revealed Down Under - Extended Series Preview

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God's Temple of Truth - #8B As it Was in the Days of Noah

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