About Steps to Life (Aust) Ltd.

Steps to Life (Australia) was opened in Lilydale in1996 by the late Colin and his wife Cherryl Martens. It followed a time of much prayer and searching for a suitable location and premises. Their vision was to establish with God's leading, a television recording studio specializing in the production of high quality, Christ centred, television programs and DVDs, proclaiming the gospel as pertinent to the world living in the end time of Biblical prophetic history. Film media was seen as a way of proclaiming the soon coming of Jesus to a world population that is expanding at an exponential rate.

A board of directors was established to administer the activities of STL. It was comprised of active members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, all who were members in good and regular standing. This requirement continues to apply to current boards of directors of STL. Directors are actively committed to co-operating with the Holy Spirit, to fulfill their responsibility of bringing about a swift and triumphant conclusion, to the Great Gospel Commission. The activities of STL have developed extensively since its inception. They now include -

  • The organization, underwriting and conducting of seminars in the major capital cities of Australia by hosting Christian speakers to Australia and from Australia who have particular expertise and spiritual insight into how we can live as Christians in a world that is becoming more and more anti Christian. These programs are both for the churched and unchurched communities. Those applicable to the broader community are advertised in the local press around the venues STL conducts its seminars from.
  • An extensive on line and in house Christian resource centre providing printed and digital materials along with a selected range of health foods which promote physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Production of DVDs for selected and approved Christian presenters who wish to support their ministry by extending their audience through the use of digital media.
  • Conducting health and lifestyle education programs including the very successful Dr Neil Nedley Depression Recovery Program, Sunday vegan cooking and natural health remedy training seminars, etc.
  • Sponsoring Bible and Health Worker training in various forms.
  • STL web site development that provides access to current information and discussion pertinent to world events affecting salvation history. (World End Time Jigsaw Puzzle Picture Pieces, etc)
  • A regular STL Newsletter providing information on activities STL is providing.

Plans are presently being developed for STL to become a one stop information resource support base for families wanting good quality Christian parenting information and resources and for families who choose home schooling as their preferred method of educating their children.

Steps to Life's invitation to you is for you to give careful consideration and support for its unique venture. There is no other self funded, supporting Seventh-day Adventist ministry operating in Australia like STL.

There are many ways in which you can be part of the STL team. You may be able to think of others. Some of them include -

  • Suggesting to us ways in which STL can provide Christian encouragement and enlightenment to those wanting to follow Jesus in the last days of Earth's history.
  • Keeping us in your prayers.
  • Where possible, providing financial support by means of donation, systematic planned giving, remembering STL in your will or trust, annuity contributions. (Click on the donate button for more information on how you can do this)
  • Helping us to advertise the seminars and other programs STL offers by distributing the advertising flyers we provide for each activity. Inviting your friends to STL activities when you think they may be interested in attending.
  • Underwriting the cost of advertising in local newspapers for programs applicable to the broader community.

Steps to Life Media Studio


Kitchen Studio

Reception and Bookshop

Mission Statement - by the late Colin William Martens Founding Director

Col Martens

Steps to Life is a special ministry assisting in the God given work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe wholeheartedly in the special mission the Lord has assigned to this church - that of proclaiming the unique, everlasting gospel of the three angels' messages of Revelation Chapter 14:6 to 12.

It is Steps to Life's objective to do this through the means of DVD production, print media and health education. Steps to Life believes the end time church of Bible prophecy has been brought into existence by the calling of the God. We look for its final triumph in purity at the second coming of Jesus.

Therefore, Steps to Life urges upon all, the duty of supporting the end time church in every way possible, insofar as is consistent with the principles of the government of God and the leading of His Holy Spirit upon the individual's mind.


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