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Denis Avey was The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz.  He told the story of his World War II experiences in a best selling book published in 2011. He describes his horrific experiences as a prisoner of war being interned in a compound right next to where Jewish (and other World War II) prisoners were incarcerated in Poland.  Seeing the horrific conditions the nearby Jewish prisoners were forced to live and work in, prompted in him a strong desire to get inside the slave labour camp, Buna-Monowitz that was just outside Auschwitz, the camp he was close by.  When he finally came back to England at the end of the war and was given the opportunity to tell of what he saw, the British officers he reported to, did not believe the sanitised description he gave them.  Even that was too unbelievable for them to comprehend at first!
Avey says – Each day I saw Jews being killed on the factory site.  ……  I knew the same was happening in every corner of the camp, in every work detail.  …… They weren’t fed enough to survive. He says the British prisoners were fed cabbage soup we were barely able to stomach.  But the Jewish prisoners had little more than stinking water.  Avey goes on to describe the brutality and inhumanity he witnessed. 
The captured British soldiers often had to work in the vicinity of the Jewish prisoners.  On two occasions Avey crafted an overnight swap with a Jewish prisoner named Hans.  He swapped his British uniform for the tattered and filthy striped prison garb of Hans, became part of Hans’ work detail and eventually returned home with the Jewish prisoners through the gate with the sign above it  reading - Arbeit Macht Frei  (Work Makes You Free), into the konzentrationslager (concentration camp) of Auschwitz III-Monowitz. 
His true life story goes on to detail the atrocities and heroism of those who had found themselves in the hands of other human beings whose consciences had been hijacked by Satan to the point of committing the crimes that they did. The people responsible for the atrocities all started off as innocent babies and ended up as Satanic monsters - the ultimate result of sin!  A section of humanity had lost all respect for the God given sanctity of human life in it’s quest for power and control based on the premise of a super race rising through the process of evolution.  Satan had eradicated all conscience from their minds.  
In a roughly analogous way, what Denis Avey did in breaking into Auschwitz III-Monowitz, gives us an inkling of what Jesus did in breaking into our world at great risk to the Godhead and upsetting the whole order and structure of heaven.  However, the Godhead took this risk to rescue us, not just to observe us.  The price for our sins was paid.  Are we humble and grateful enough to accept it and live in the power that is promised to be both justified and take part in the daily sanctification process of overcoming the sins that beset us?
Scenarios similar to the Auschwitz atrocity have been repeated many times over since the 1940’s. We are increasingly living in a world that shows no love of, and abject disrespect for, God and his model for us to live by.  Our society is openly building its rational for living on the concept of humanity evolving, overturning God’s principles for living and becoming better more enlightened beings, just as Hitler sold the notion of the evolution of a super race.  ‘Love is love’ is now made the justification for lust and dysfunction. Children are ‘produced’ to become the families of same sex couples, who God never intended to be together.  Mankind was God’s crowning act of creation.  Satan does all he can to deface the ‘Image of God’ and the sanctity of marriage.  (Genesis 1: 27)
God is openly mocked as we all saw when the Same Sex Marriage Bill that was voted in, in the Australian National Parliament on Thursday, December 7 and then signed into law by the Governor General on Friday December 8, 2017.  The celebrations of those who led and those who lobbied for so long for this ‘right’ of same sex marriage are indicative of where Australian society is at.  
One sarcastic on-line news feed (The Shovel) ran the following story on December 8 - God Forgets to Send Plague to Destroy Australia - The Almighty Father slept in this morning, missing the opportunity to punish Australia for allowing two people of the same sex to get married. It is an embarrassing oversight by the all-powerful super being, who has spoken out strongly against same sex marriage in the past, according to sources. God considered doing the plague later in the morning, but then got side-tracked by important things. It is not the first time the blunder has occurred. God also forgot to inflict fire and fury on Ireland, the United States, Britain and many European countries when they introduced legislation to allow same sex marriages. 
Another popular news feed recently ran this story. Disney’s Descent Into Indecency ContinuesThe Disney Channel recently featured two anti-family story lines that shocked audiences around the globe.  One of the Disney’s new TV shows, Andi Mack, features the first gay storyline on the Disney Channel. In a recent episode, a 13-year-old character "realizes" he is gay and “comes out” to his friends.  His friends accept and affirm his same-sex attractions, and they applaud him for expressing his “true self.”  A separate show on Disney’s XD Channel recently featured both a same-sex kiss and a male princess.  The Christian Post reported that an episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil “featured the character of Marco Diaz disguising himself as a princess named Turdina, in what LGBT-friendly outlets called a bold statement.”  Earlier this year the same show “featured a scene with same-sex couples kissing.”  It was reported as being another giant step in the cause of equality and development of humanity!
Jesus is recorded in both Matthew 24: 37 to 39 and Luke 17: 26 to 29 as talking about the social conditions existing just before he comes.  These Scriptures compare the end time social conditions with what it was like just before the flood in Noah’s day, and in Lot’s day, that led to the obliteration of Sodom.  The message is clear – we need to be right with God and led by him to resist the pressure that is building in Australian society on those who would wish to honour the creator in marriage and in keeping the memorial of creation.   
Ellen White has said that it will be the people who demand of their legislators and church leaders to enact a Sunday (Sabbath) law.  All their reasons will be correct for doing this.  (The pope’s encyclical Laudato Si or Care of Our Home (May 2015) makes this case.)  The argument will not be about the reasons for keeping Sunday but about the day being the first day, not the seventh, the God given memorial of creation.  
God never coerces anyone’s belief or behaviour.  He allows freedom of choice.  We have seen how just over 60% of the Australian people voted for same sex marriage and the legislators responded to satisfy them, not allowing dissenters the right for conscientious objection. With same sex marriage in the bag, what will Satan go after next?  Will it be the only remaining God given institution of creation - the Sabbath?  You can read what Ellen White says about this happening in Patriarchs and Prophets, page 43, 5 Testimonies 450, 451 and by
online search in Signs of the Times, February 22, 1910, par 4.  Similar quotes are found elsewhere, as well.
When the Sabbath shall become the special point of controversy throughout Christendom, the persistent refusal of a small minority to yield to the popular demand will make them objects of universal execration.  (ST Feb 22, 1910, par 4).  By false representations and angry appeals, they will stir up the passions of the people.  Not having a ‘Thus saith the Scripture’ …… they will resort to repressive enactment to supply this lack.   To secure popularity and patronage, legislators will yield to the demand for Sunday law.  ……..  On this battlefield comes the last great conflict of the controversy between truth and error.  (5 Testimonies 450, 451) 
In Australia and elsewhere, we have just had a trial run of Satan’s strategy for the last great battle!  Are we ready for it?
Saturday Afternoon, February 17, 6.00 pm.  Dr John Anderson, Creation Ministries International, Speaking at STL Studio, Lilydale
 Dr John Anderson graduated in medicine from the University of Melbourne in 1967. After residency at Ballarat Base Hospital, he commenced full time military service with the Royal Australian
Navy. His naval specialty was in diving medicine, and submarine escape and rescue, and he is a former Officer-in-Charge of the Navy’s Submarine and Underwater Medicine Unit at Balmoral, NSW. Dramatically converted from atheism in 1977, John completed a Licentiate in Theology (ThL) in 1984. He retired from the Navy in 1986 in the rank of Commander, and moved to the NSW Central Coast to commence general medical practice.  He has recently retired from General Practice and speaks part-time for Creation Ministries International.  His two topics are
        • The Evolutionist of a Creationist
        • Life on the Ocean Waves
Dr Anderson is an engaging speaker who will tell us how his area of scientific interest led him into becoming a strong believer in creation. His testimony will inspire and inform.  A light meal will be served between presentations.
Saturday Afternoon, March 17, 6.00 pm.  The Godhead:  Joel’s Journey.
Joel Ridgeway has been our Media Producer at STL for some years now.  Joel converted to the anti-trinitarian belief in his early teens.  However, as he studied more deeply into the topic of The Godhead he became convinced that the belief he had formerly held was
misguided.  He will share with us his reasons of why he moved from being an anti-trinitarian to a believer in the Three Persons of the Godhead.  His two topics will be 
        • Why I left the Anti-trinitaraian Movement
        • The Pioneers and the Omega of Deadly Heresies.  
His testimony will inform and inspire us.  A light meal will be served between presentations. The program will be available on DVD.
Pastor Justis St Hilaire, Canadian Evangelist Speaking for STL in April.
Pastor St. Hilaire accompanied by his wife Elaine, will be in Australia at STL’s invitation for our three capital seminar series in April of 2018.  His theme is Are You Ready for the Shaking? Pastor Justis is an experienced and sought  after evangelist and speaker in Northern America, living in Canada.  We will provide you with more information about dates and venues as we get closer to April.  By clicking on the link provided, you can view a trailer of Pastor St Hilaire speaking on the topic of Feast Keeping and the Faithful. Go to: www.steps.org.au/Videos/
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Christian greetings from Cherryl and the STL team.

Brian Way/ Programs Coordinators


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