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Remedies Session Three DVD Appendix

(Back to Eden - with Kaye Sehm)

Grapes Appendix Contents


Poultices are an application of crushed vegetable / plant / herb matter to an effected body area. Poultices can be done using comfrey, potato, charcoal, onion, banana, cabbage, cayenne, linseed and slippery elm, to name a few.

The purpose of a poultices are:

  1. to isolate infection, i.e. Toxins or fluid and draw off these poisons, either drawn through the skin or dispersed into the bloodstream and eliminated by the body.
  2. to pull out embedded items such as splinters, prickles or glass.
  3. to break up congestion and relieve symptoms or ailments
  4. to soothe inflamed or irritated areas such as joint and muscle pain, irritating coughs or contusions

Potato Poultice

The potato poultice is a great drawing poultice. It is one of the most common, universal and is often readily available.

Externally: this poultice can be used on strains, bruises, infections, boils, pimples, abscesses, rheumatic and arthritic inflammation, sores, sprained ankles, splinters and prickles, burns, anything tender (especially good for little children), inflamed eyes, ingrown toenails.

Internally: finely grated potato or potato juice is a wonderful alkalinizer for stomach acid. Potato juice pulls heavy metals out of the body (copper, cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc).

How to apply: Grate raw potato to a fine mush, place on a chux cloth, cover and place over the affected area

Onion Poultice

The onion poultice is an antibiotic poultice containing oils and essences which stimulate human tissue, absorbing morbid matter. It can be used to absorb toxic fumes.

Externally: onion poultice can be used for earaches, pus producing tumours, jammed fingers or toes, asthma, sore throat, coughs, head colds, to remove callouses, and for Tinea.

Internally: as a cough medicine, or for Edema.

How to apply:

For earache - partially cook the onion in an oven or steamer (avoid boiling in water). Cut it in half, wrap in cloth and place on affected area. The fumes of the onion will cause pain to ease.

For pus producing tumours, roast onion, split and place on tumour.

For jammed fingers or toes - pout over 1 T of cooking oil over grated onions and wrap over injury.

For asthma - use onion poultice on feet and chest

For sore throat - use sliced onion around the neck

For coughs - use on the feet

For head colds - use high on the chest (breaks mucus, congestions, draws waste into itself). Can slice bowl of onions and place near bed overnight.

To remove callouses, cut onion in half, steep in strong wine vinegar - steep 3 ours. Secure onion halves over callouses and leave overnight. Top skin will soften, remove and repeat.

For Tinea, rub raw onion direct.

Cabbage Poultice

The cabbage poultice is a dispersing poultice. It doesn't absorb poisons from the tissues, but works with the poisonous juices in the human body. It carries away the stale blood and built-up fluids in tissues that are badly bruised and swollen.

Externally: apply to forehead to relieve sinus congestion. Use on badly sprained ankles and dislocated shoulders. Use to disperse build up of fluid.

Internally: cabbage juice heals the stomach lining, ulcers and digestive complaints.

How to apply: Remove the centre stalk from a cabbage leaf, bruise it so it becomes pliable (it can be vitamized) and then spread over a chux cloth and apply as a regular poultice.

Castor Oil Poultice

The Castor Oil Poultice is a dispersing poultice that breaks up congestion, tumours and lumps. It penetrates deeply.

External Uses:

Use for the liver and or gall bladder. It digs out waste caught in the glands.

Good for haemorrhoids (dip cotton wool in a frozen castor oil. Place over haemorrhoid all night. Can change ever 2 hours. Will shrink piles and ease pain.)

Eye irritations, breaks up crystal in joints, constipation (NOT INTERNALLY, but) as a poultice over abdomen. It can also be used for Sciatica, inflammation, painful varicose veins, increases milk flow in lactating women, sore nipples, arthritis and bone spurs.

Castor oil also simulates the liver and increases lymphatic circulation. Place over liver, bowel or any area. Cover with plastic and a hot water bottle. 3 nights on, 3 nights off. In case of tumours, use continually.

How to Apply: Warm the oil, drizzle over a paper towel and apply to affected area.

Blueys Economy Underpad

Blueys economy underpad is a protective absorbent pad (40x60cms) that can be used to protect bedding or any surface from incontinence or spills. They can be purchased from medical suppliers or selected chemists.


Theobromine is an alkaloid, of similar structure to caffeine, found in chocolate and cocoa. It has a stimulating effect on the body, similar to that of caffeine.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean. Castor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with mild or no odour or taste. It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

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Important Information

This DVD series of 'Back to Eden' is comprised of 2 DVDs.

Each DVD is intended as a health education presentation based on published natural health literature, long standing holistic health practice used by physicians and other health practitioners committed to the appropriate use of holistic health solutions, as well as the experience and observations of the presenter, Kaye Sehm, over the years of her involvement in the treatment of illness with simple natural remedies.

These DVDs and the further information provided on this website should not be used by viewers to replace a patient relationship with qualified health professionals, including medical physicians.

Persons who are ill or on prescribed medication who wish to explore the benefits of natural remedies for themselves, should do so under the direction of a registered and qualified health practitioner familiar with the effects of natural remedies and prescribed medication reduction or cessation.


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