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Bible & Health Evangelism Course MP3

(Dwayne Lemon - 5 MP3s)

Topics Covered:

How to use herbs and food for healing hundreds of different diseases and ailments
How to conduct healthy cuisine cooking schools of evangelism
How to do consultations using the Eight Laws of Health
Seeing the gospel through physiology and anatomy
How to study the Bible
How to give Bible Studies
Proclaiming the Three Angel’s messages with power!
The connection between the canvassing work and the Loud Cry of Revelation 18:1-4
How to connect the medical missionary and canvassing work
How to get truth filled literature into the home
How to do health evangelism in churches of all denominations

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Surrounded but Don't Surrender - MP3

(Jeff Wehr - 1 MP3)

You’re surrounded by Satan but don’t surrender!! Help is at hand. In the end time Satan is allowed to keep tightening the vice on those who choose to serve the Creator God of the Bible. How long will it last? What is Satan’s battle plan? How can you survive?

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