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Mental & Spiritual Health in the End of Time - MP3 CD

(Jeff Wehr - 1 MP3)

While the overriding theme of this series is the human mind, we will begin with the fall of Lucifer. This most excellent created being began to corrupt himself with faulty thinking, which led to outright rebellion against God. Tragically, his evil spirit has poisoned our little world. All the wars, assaults, rapes, crude jesting, violence, and immorality is due to our fallen nature and faulty thinking. If we could become born again and receive a renewed mind, we could become the salt of the earth, and help to bring healing to suffering humanity. The new birth experience makes thinking right and from this follows all our behaviour and the development of a Christlike character. [Click for more info ->]

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Do You Feel the Shaking? MP3 Audio CD

(Pr Justis St. Hilaire - 1 MP3)

Undisputedly we live in the crumbling toes of Earth’s history described by prophet Daniel as the ‘time of the end’. The events that will soon take place, will exceed in every respect, what has happened before in the history of our world. It will all happen as God allows it to. It is the climax of the battle between God and Satan! Come and join pastor Justis St Hilaire as he leads us though the coming period of Earth’s history and gives us encouragement to stay strong, be faithful and be ready to meet Jesus at His Second Coming. [Click for more info ->]

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Discerning the Signs MP3

(Carl Martin - 1 CD)

Carl Martin takes us on a five-part journey, sifting through current headlines and laying them alongside inspired end-time prophecies. Beginning with Lucifer’s plans to hijack every plan God has implemented and moving next to a closer look at both world and church events, Carl then comes full circle with a look into our heavenly future and how to prepare for the closing events. Come and join Carl as we discern the times through the lens of end-time prophecies. [Click for more info ->]

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