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A Vital Connection MP3 CD

(Christian Berdahl - 1 MP3)

Christian will explore with us the amazing power of our minds.  He will describe how God wants us to connect with him and how Satan tries to interfere with our vital connection with God. Particularly he will show us how music can turn us to or away from God.  He will define for us four building blocks that give victory in Christian living.  You will be encouraged as Christian shares his story .

Christian Berdahl and his wife Coby are the founders of Shepherd’s Call Ministry, an evangelistic singing, speaking and video-production ministry based in Edgewood, New Mexico, USA. Since it’s beginning in 1999, Shepherd’s Call is a dynamic, thriving, faith–based ministry.  Coby and her parents work in the ministry.

Christian came from a life of hardship and abuse. He escaped through the theatre arts. In high school he began winning acting competitions. He eventialy carried these skills on to the professional stage. He began to work in TV production.  Soon, he was busy in production that he left theatre for a career in TV. In 1995 Christian found a saving relationship with Jesus and began to put his skills to work for the Lord. Today, through Shepherd’s Call Ministry, he works creating Christian content for TV, radio and internet. He is a song writer/speaker/musician 

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