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Repairing the Breach MP3 CD

(Pr Andreas Mellas - 1 MP3)

Repairing the Breach - How the story of Nehemiah is the solution for God’s church today

A series showing the parallels of Israel during Nehemiah’s time and the Remnant Church in our time, the reality of their spiritual condition and ours and what God’s Word and the Spirit of Prophecy say needs to be done about it.

    1. Realizing Our Present Spiritual Crisis
    2. Repentance and Renewal
    3. Rebuilding Our Faith Through Zealous and Discerning Action
    4. Reflecting Godly Leadership and Christ-like Example
    5. Reviving Godly And Biblical Worship
    6. Receiving And Maintaining The Blessings Of God

Andreas Mellas considers it his privilege and passion to study, preach, teach, and strive to live God’s Word in his daily life. He desires earnestly to reach people for Christ by example and action. He currently pastor’s the Surrey and Guildford SDA Churches in Surrey, B.C., Canada.”

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