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Spiritual Formation MP3

(Anthony Burns - 1 MP3)

Spiritual Formation & Contemplative Prayer

God has always had a people who will listen to and follow Him. Satan has a science, a government and especially a religion. He spares not expense in bringing all created beings under his control. His objective is to exert total mind control over those who have not accepted God’s protection. Learn how he introduced this weapon of mass destruction and mind control into the universe and how he intends to carry it to the very end of earth’s time.

1. Time to Meet It!
2. Uncovering Satan’s Masterpiece of Deception
3. Jesus vs. Spiritualism 
4. The Counter Reformation vs. The Reformation
5. Academic Accreditation A Deadly Affinity
6. Repentance: Don’t Leave Earth Without It

Anthony Burns spent many years in the music industry, performing on stage from 1973 until 1981. He also has a background in Multi-Level Marketing. While working as a musician he explored Scientology, Sorcery and New Age teachings. Now as a converted Christian, Anthony has learned that these pathways take a person to what is the masterpiece of deception. Anthony thanks God for His intervention in his life.

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