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Doug Batchelor

12 Steps to Revival

(Doug Batchelor - 32 pages)

Christian Growth - Some of the topics that Doug discusses with you are:- Simple diet and lifestyle. Modest Dress, Simple Clothing, Discipling Others, Point People to Christ; and many more.

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(Doug Batchelor - 112 pages)

Who are the Seventh-day Adventists'? Are they members of a Bible-based denomination, or do they belong to a heretical cult? Do they venerate Ellen White? And why do they go to church on Saturday? Doug defends the key doctrines of God's last-day church, including obedience,.... [Click for more info ->]

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Advindication DVD's

(Doug Batchelor - 6 DVDs)

Pastor Doug defends key biblical doctrines entrusted to God's end-time church, including obedience, Sabbath, health and more. It will keep you steadfast in the faith when you need it most.

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Amazing Adventures DVD's

(Doug Batchelor - 5 DVDs)

Pastor Doug Batchelor leads your kids on a powerful, soul-winning Bible study experience just for them. This 10-part series is filled with amazing facts, incredible Bible stories, exciting spiritual discoveries, and heart-warming music - all designed to help your kids stand with.... [Click for more info ->]

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At Jesus Feet

(Doug Batchelor - pages)

Beautiful as a gift for your friends. The story of Mary Magdelene. Discover a fresh picture of a gentle loving Saviour who without condemning or condoning our past offers us a new future as we, like Mary, linger at Jesus feet.

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