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Behold the Lamb!

(Jayne Dold - 256 pages)

This book addresses this ‘queen’ of Bible subjects in a very particular way.  It is faithful to the principles of Scripture and will lead the reader to find personal assurance in knowing Christ as a Saviour and a Restorer.” – Pr Dennis Priebe, Teacher, Author, Dennis Priebe Ministries, California, USA

“In masterful strokes of creative insight, Jayne Dold draws back the curtain to take her readers into a Biblical ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse of God’s plan of salvation. She traces Lucifer’s rebellion in Heaven to mankind’s fall into sin, the atonement system culminating in Jesus’ indescribably sacrificial ministry, and beyond to the consummation of God’s rescue plan with the restoration of Paradise to Earth.  All is revealed in vivid portraits saturated in Scripture, good theology, and sound scholarship. A timely classic!”   -  Pr Mike Brownhill, Evangelist, QLD, Australia.

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