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Prophecy Encounter - Complete Set (DVDs, Study Guides & Book)

(Doug Batchelor)

Includes: DVDs, Book and 27 study guides

Are you worried about a world filled with violence, war, economic peril, political uncertainty, or social unrest? Do you have questions about the Bible that you need solid, reliable answers to? Or do you simply want to know more about your Bible and what it says about the last days? Then you will love the brand-new, ten-part Prophecy Encounter with Doug Batchelor!

In this thrilling series, Pastor Doug leads you through some of the most misunderstood truths of Scripture—from what happens when we die to salvation, the USA in prophecy, the mark of the beast, the second coming of Christ, and whether the antichrist is already here among us. After watching this series, you will know so much more about Scripture than you ever have before, and you will find lasting hope amid these dark and confusing times

Also included in the complete set is a beautifully designed, full-color box which holds Amazing Facts’ newly updated, 27-set Bible Study Guides! These full-color, easy-to-read lessons feature stunning artwork and illustrations, hundreds of Scripture verses, and simple step-by-step learning that will give you greater knowledge about the Bible than ever before—and total confidence and peace in your life! You simply can’t find a better series of Bible lessons for personal study or your Bible study group. They are perfect for using during the Prophecy Encounter series or on your own—anytime, anywhere.

In the near future, you will be able to order a new book by Pastor Doug Batchelor based on the Prophecy Encounter series. Watch for announcements and details soon!

Discover today more about the following topics—and change your life forever: 
• What happens when you die? 
• Mark of the Beast, 666, and the antichrist 
• How to have better relationships and better health 
• The signs of the end, the rapture, and second coming 
• Lost Bible truths 
• God’s law, grace, and how to survive the coming judgment 
• Jesus’ salvation and true church 
• And so much more!

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