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Children, Youth & Family

Stories from Sunnyside

(Marian De Berg - 308 pages)

The first Seventh-day Adventist missionaries arrived in Australia in 1885. Six years later, Ellen White—one of the church’s founders—arrived in this distant land. Then aged 64, she was unsure of this calling and expected to stay no more than two years. [Click for more info ->]

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Steps to Christ Colouring book for Kids

(Ellen G. White Estate - 32 pages)

Your children will treasure the insights from Ellen White's book, Steps to Christ, briefly summarized here in simple words that they can easily understand, and accompanied by vivid pictures for them to colour in. Pointers for discussion and prayer can also be found at the back, allowing you to connect with your child, and your child to connect with God.

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Togo The Sled Dog

(Joe L. Wheeler - 160 pages)

In this, the seventh book of The Good Lord made Them All series, Joe L. Wheeler has collected stories from the Far North: Norway, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Arctic Circle to name a few places. The animals featured include sled dogs, wolves, weasels, and eagles in a veritable Who’s Who of the North.
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The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, Small

(700 pages)

This hymnal, published in 1985, includes 695 hymns and gospel songs. It contains the best of fine old hymns, early Advent hymns, contemporary hymns, favorites from the Church Hymnal, American folk hymns, modern gospel songs, compositions by Adventists, and 5 indexes. Many tunes and readings are cross-referenced for versatility. (Does not include worship aids.) Size: 4 ½" x 6 3/4". [Click for more info ->]

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The Story of Mary Jones and Her Bible

(Mary Emily Ropes - 166 pages)

The story of Mary Jones and her Bible inspired the founding of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Mary Jones (16 December 1784 – 28 December 1864) was a Welsh girl who, at the age of fifteen, walked twenty-six miles barefoot across the countryside to buy a copy of the Welsh Bible from Thomas Charles because she did not have one.[1] Rev. Thomas Charles then used her story in proposing to the Religious Tract Society that it set up a new organisation to supply Wales with Bibles. -

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Quick Learn

(Sara Eslinger - 150 pages)

Bible students of all ages will find this book a valuable tool in assisting in memorization and recall of key Bible texts, contributing toward immediate recollection of valuable scripture, helping with accurate remembrance of verse, book and chapter. [Click for more info ->]

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