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Sam Campbell, Philosopher of the Forest

(Shandelle Henson - 160 pages)

Sam Campbell, the "Philosopher of the Forest," was a legend of the North Country. Once met, he was never forgotten, for he was a fountain of inspiration and buoyant enthusiasm. As one of the early pioneers in the environmental movement, his efforts were aimed at educating and entertaining people in hopes of raising their consciousness. Sam respected the merging breed of politically active conservationists, and acknowledged a great need for them. However, he found that his own personality was much better suited to low-key, friendly efforts to help people appreciate nature and thus lift their thoughts to more lofty values.

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Heroes of Faith: Inspirational Stories of Salvation

(Doug Batchelor - 125 pages)

A true Bible hero, while not always perfects, fixes our eyes upon Jesus. When we carefully study their lives, we will become more Christ-like. As you prayerfully read abou Mary Magdalene, Petere, Rahab, Naaman, and many others in this unique study guide, and thoughtfully consider the questions at the end of each chapter with your family, a small group, or on your own, you'll be inspired to reach for a whole new level of faith! May these Bible heroes inspire you to run with endurance the race that is set before you. [Click for more info ->]

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No Heil Hitler!

(Paul Cieslar - 276 pages)

"Paul Cieslar's story is also that of his family and his church, one of faithfulness and endurance in the face of grave threats and many hardships in occupied Poland. Their story should inspire our faithfulness and renew our trust in God who is with us always" - Geoff Youlden

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(Tracy Morgan - 221 pages)

The story of Samson reads like pure fiction, with incredible drama, twisted relationships, and plenty of action. He was deeply flawed and troubled – but aren’t we all? He lived in an environment where his promise to God made him an outsider – sound familiar? He made plenty of mistakes. He was prideful and arrogant, trusted the wrong people, put himself in bad situations, and made terrible choices. [Click for more info ->]

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The Eagle of Benjamin

(Author Spalding - 142 pages)

From the pen of one of Adventism’s best-loved storytellers comes the dramatic biblical saga of Jonathan: fearless warrior, prince of Israel, friend of David, faithful follower of God. Originally published in 1908, The Eagle of Benjamin is a daring approach to sharing the message of a Bible story in word-pictures that captivate the reader. [Click for more info ->]

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