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(Terri L Fivash - 463 pages)

Sold by his brothers into slavery in a strangr land, the pain in Joseph's ankles matched the pain in his heart. Where now was El Shaddai? But Mishma, the Ishmaelite merchant, saw something special in him. By prayerful diligence Joseph worked his way into the confidence of his new owner, Potiphar. "At this rate you'll be running the entire country before you are done," teased a scribe. Soon slaves were scrambling to meet his needs as he had for others.


But heart-rending rumors from home, of the deaths of Er and Onan, of the affair of Judah and Tamar, exacted their toll. And success has its snares. Her name was Lady Tenefret. She had connection and she had Potiphar. But it wasn't Potiphar she wanted.

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