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Remember Your Creator (Set of 5)

(Roxana Tang - 180 pages)

Book 1 is designed as a Lesson Book for beginner children (Group/Individual) with new signs and symbols being introduced as it progresses. It also aims to develop Sight Singing, which therefore can be used for beginner and the higher level pupil who require training in Singing at Sight. The intervals used are arranged in ascending order for the purpose. Ideal also as a Supplementary Book for the piano student, it contains 28 songs.

Book 2 is designed with the purpose of developing musicianship in students, namely in the area of sight-singing, which can be done along with beating time like a conductor. Keyboard harmony is a great skill to have and this is introduced here through chord-playing, interesting, reading and writing. New notes, fingering and rhythmic patterns, and chord tones are introduced as it progresses. Besides proficiency in piano playing, it aims to develop the piano and singing with the words given encourages cognitive development with coordination and should be practiced.

Book 3 is designed with the purpose of developing musicianship in students, namely in the area of Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation. Keyboard Harmony is a great skill to have and the student is encouraged to listen to the chords they read and play, and subsequently recreating them when required by the blanks deliberately given in the score. Writing the chords after doing so will allow greater impression and therefore better recognition of the chords both visually and aurally. It is essential as a musician to be able to mentally hear what you read, and to write what you hear. Many of the songs in this book are story songs. The melodies and lyrics complement each other and there is something to learn from seeing how this is done in order to develop the skill of composition. Being able to play the piano and sing with the words is a lot of fun, and the student should be encouraged to put that into practice.

This Christmas book is arranged as a continuation of Book Three. Entitled Let's Sight-Sing and Improvise, it seeks to build awareness in the different accompaniment patterns used, as well as the different textures (such as Homophony, Monophony, and Polyphony) that occur in the arrangements. Instead of merely playing through the pieces, the pupil is encouraged to continue to harmonize were blanks are placed, thereby keeping alert to the chords and patterns used. The alertness developed will aid in the foundation of inner hearing and keep the ideas of improvisations flowing. As an experienced music teacher herself, the author also hopes to raise the level of Aural Training and Assessment, and Theory Examinations, in which the pupil is expected to have acquired inner hearing and the skills of writing and creativity. 

Book 5 introduces duets. It's always fun to have someone to play a piano duet with, be it a sibling, a parent or child, a teacher or another pupil, or friend. Besides it being fun, it is a great way to improve one's sight reading ability, as there is someone else playing with you to keep you going. Also, it teaches unison playing, both hands in treble, both hands in bass, antiphonal singing/playing, modulation, syncopation, hemiola accompaniment, changing time-signatures, echo singing/playing, dissonance, chromaticism, resolution and more. Indeed, this book is a great tool as it contains well-loved Christian songs and is therefore great as a gift or Christmas gift.

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