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Time for Singing

(Harvestime - 448 pages)

What Makes this Book Special

  • This is an old-fashioned songbook. Everything in it was composed many decades ago. This is a full-size book with 420 outstanding songs.
  • Only the very best of the older songs are included. Thumb through the pages and rejoice at what it has. You can sing right through the book!
  • Songs which go together have been placed together. As much as possible, we have placed similar songs close to one another.
  • Complete set of indexes. There are four indexes in back: An Authors and Composers Index, a Topical Index, an Index of Children’s Songs, and a Combined Index to the Worship and Evangelistic Songs-which indexes not only first lines, but also choruses and refrains. Throughout the book, blank areas have been filled with precious Bible promises.
  • Collected here are the best of the old songs in three outstanding songbooks: The Church Hymnal, Gospel Melodies, and Christ in Song, plus other books. (Some songs, which appear a little odd, were originally placed very wide in Christ in Song, and had to be rearranged by hand in vertical format. If this had not been done, it would be necessary to turn the book sideways to sing a number of excellent songs-or omit those out­ standing songs entirely.) This book will help you on the pathway to heaven.
  • Very special songs are here which you would not otherwise be able to obtain. Among the many examples, in Book 1: Then Let the Hurricane Roar (169), I Will Pass Over You (170), and The Fire by Night (167); in Book 2: Ring the Bells of Heaven (216), The Lily of the Valley (250), and Faith is the Victory (287); and in Book 3: Happy the Home When God Is There (341). All your very best old-time favorites are here!
  • The book has been divided into three major sections. There is no duplication of songs in Book One and Book Two. Book Three (the Children's Songbook) has a few songs which are in the adult sections.
  • Book One -The Worship Hymnal contains hymns for the Sabbath morning 11 o'clock service. It has 170 songs.
  • Book Two -The Evangelistic Songbook contains hymns of praise and evangelistic songs, especially selected for other gatherings. It has 170 songs.
  • Book Three - The Children's Songbook contains songs for the younger and middle Sabbath School divisions (cradle roll, primary, and junior), as well as other youth gatherings in home and church. It has 80 songs.

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