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Planned Eugenocide DVD

(Scott Ritsema - 1 DVD)

Racist Eugenics Ideology?

A literal genocide?

Whatever you call it, call it PLANNED - a diabolical agenda of global proportions.

PLANNED EUGENOCIDE is the untold history of eugenics in America, which in the past century has become a global campaign of literal genocide that has even captured misguided Christians in its net.

Find hope and recovery from darkness through the light and the life of Jesus - from His incarnation to His presence in our lives today.

What Folks are Saying:

“I was shocked to discover that John ____ was into eugenics. You present it all in a very balanced way and show websites for healing. The prophetic significance is not missed, as a sign that God is about to do something big. Stirring stuff.”

“A wake-up jolt”

“Thank you so much for the information; it was excellently put together and presented. We had no idea of any this history you shared.”

“It helped make my personal decision to follow God’s way more decided. I am so grateful for the straight truth that this ministry presents”

“Scott, this information was mind blowing…”

“Young man, I hope you realize this information is DANGEROUS information…”

“100% effective presentation…”

“This hidden history is absolutely explosive…”


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