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Adventure Prof

(Walter Veith - 2 DVDs)

For numerous years, Professor Veith has been known for lectures behind the desk and on the stage of many halls worldwide .

Many appreciate his enormous knowledge in relevant topics of our life. But what does the professor do in his working spare time? 

He is surrounded by the vast nature of Africa and a continent that is home to a variety of animals that make our hearts beat faster. 

This has allowed productions that present a powerful, different image: 
Full of strength and adventure, coupled with excitement and unusual encounters with nature and animals, Walter and his team have been traveling beyond the borders of Africa.

Often accompanying him was a man whose life was completely changed by Walter Veith's message.
Listen to the conversation of two men who discuss a deep insight into the past of their crossroads and join them on numerous expeditions into the beautiful and adventurous wildernesses of Africa and beyond.
How does God actually bring people together?

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