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The Lost Art of Thinking

(Dr. Neil Nedley - 429 pages)

"Anyone desiring ideal brain function and optimal mental health would do well to incorporate this information into their lives. Students around the world will be astounded at the academic and personal growth they achieve, and people of all ages will unlock the full ability of their minds using the secrets revealed in this book." - Daniel Binus M.D., Doctor of Psychiatry, Loma Linda, California

A Complete Life Satisfaction Plan

Would you like to begin a series of life enhancements that lead to a truly happy way of life? 

The Lost Art of Thinking is a unique tool that you can use to improve mental performance, emotional intelligence, and life satisfaction in a practical and all-inclusive way.

  • Experience emotional calm and stability under tremendous stress.
  • Make lasting positive changes in your mental ability and mood.
  • Find high levels of motivation, with more energy and better productivity.
  • Develop a high ability to think through complex situations, analyze information accurately, and make correct decisions habitually.
  • Improve your relationships and enjoy a healthy zest for life.

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