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Walking Through Revelation DVD's

(Doug Batchelor - 4 DVDs)

Let's face it ... Revelation is one of the most daunting, challenging, and hard-to-understand books of the Bible. Some Christians don't dare even crack open its pages for fear of all the apocalyptic language and mysterious symbols within.

But now you can explore, understand, and even enjoy the precious sacred messages from Jesus Christ Himself, chapter by chapter, with renowned prophecy teacher Pastor Doug Batchelor, who brings unique and fresh insights into this ancient text. Unravel the mysteries, secrets, and purposes of each chapter, step by step, and experience how the book of Revelation can bring you hope and breathe new life into your walk with God. It's a faith-building journey you don't want to miss!

Disc 1

  • An Introduction to Revelation (Chapter 1)
  • Seven Churches to Sealed Saints (Chapters 2-6)

Disc 2

  • 144,000 to Little Book (Chapters 7-11)
  • Two Witnesses to 666 (Chapters 11-13

Disc 3

  • Three Angels to Seven Plagues (Chapters 14-16)
  • Scarlet Harlot to White Knight (Chapters 17-19)

Disc 4

  • Millennium to Tree of Life (Chapters 20-22)

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