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General Religion & Doctrine

Could It Really Happen

(Marvin Moore - 283 pages)

From the beginning of our church, we have held the strong conviction that God has called us to warn the world of what lies ahead. But what if our prophetic understanding is wrong? On the other hand, if it is correct, don’t we have an enormous responsibility to tell the world what we believe?
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Before Probation Closes

(Louis F Were - 118 pages)

The closing scenes of earth's history are fast approaching. Present-day, fast- moving events among the nations are shaping up to form that pattern outlined by the index finger of prophecy. The Lord has not given us the exact time for the close of probation, but He has informed us concerning certain national and international events which would herald the imminence of that solemn hour of final decision and eternal destiny. [Click for more info ->]

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The End

(Herbert Douglass - 192 pages)

What almost every church or religious magazine is proclaiming today regarding the return of Jesus is contrary to what Seventh-day Adventists understand to be the truth about the advent. The End looks at the unique voice of Adventists about the return of Jesus. [Click for more info ->]

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