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General Religion & Doctrine

Much Ado About Climate Change

(Brian Way - 22 pages)

This booklet contrasts atheistic views about climate change with creationist views, documents the pope’s role in fueling the climate rebellion and orchestrating work free Sundays which will ultimately lead to Sunday worship legislation on a world-wide basis.

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Climate Change: Is It The End of the World?

(Steve Wohlberg - 31 pages)

In 2015, Pope Francis’s monumental encyclical on “climate change” was released by the Vatican. Since then, we’ve observed this topic rapidly grow into an all consuming issue. It seems from every direction we are bombarded with dire predictions, protests, angered mobs, worried politicians, Hollywood stars pleading for action and calls for new laws to prevent the climate from destroying the earth.

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Making Archaeology Biblical

(Vance Ferrell - 288 pages)

Ever since the late 1930s, a misleading dating theory has incorrectly dated Near Eastern Archaeological discoveries - so they do not agree with Biblical facts.You are going to learn what these dating errors are and how, by correcting them, archaeological evidence nicely agrees with Biblical events. In this book you will find powerful evidence that the Bible stands vindicated as the most accurate, ancient history book that mankind has ever had! [Click for more info ->]

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A Divine Design Magazine

(Amazing Facts - 47 pages)

A Divine Design traces the history and reveals the purpose of the Old Testament sanctuary, from the wilderness tabernacle to the New Jerusalem. Share with others how God has a plan, presented in the temple services, to eradicate sin from the universe forever! [Click for more info ->]

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The Feast Days

(Vance Ferrell - 128 pages)

The most complete coverage of the subject available anywhere.
386 Bible and spirit of Prophecy quotations or references.
The Statutes, Feast Days, and other ceremonies: Which ones are still valid?
Here is the information you have been looking for! [Click for more info ->]

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