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General Religion & Doctrine

The Feast Days

(Vance Ferrell - 128 pages)

The most complete coverage of the subject available anywhere.
386 Bible and spirit of Prophecy quotations or references.
The Statutes, Feast Days, and other ceremonies: Which ones are still valid?
Here is the information you have been looking for! [Click for more info ->]

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Lightened with God's Glory

(Dr Ronald Robin - 3 DVDs)

We know about endtime events. But are we ready for them?

Dr Ronald Robin, DMD, is a graduate from the Adventist University of the Philippines from the doctor of Dental Medicine program. He has also been an international speaker in Indonesia, the Philippines and the UAE. [Click for more info ->]

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God Sent a Man

(Carlyle B. Haynes - 192 pages)

God Sent a Man

God Sent A Man is the story of Joseph, who allowed himself to be prepared by God to play a crucial role in the history of Egypt and especially in the development of what became the nation of Israel. [Click for more info ->]

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Christians in Holland in 1941:

(Diet Eman - 15 pages)

For many Christians living in Holland in during the Nazi invasion the question, "Should we help save the Jews?" was a very serious one. In this booklet Diet Eman tells about the dangers she and her friends faced as they battled to take a chance and do the right thing.

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