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Divided House, Divided Church, Divided Nation - DVD

(Fereti Sa'aga - 1 DVD)

World-wide issues like the Coronavirus pandemic responses (lockdowns, lockouts and mandated vaccination, etc.), transgenderism, gay marriage, COP 26 recommended solutions and church support for them, etc., are dividing our homes and churches as we try and grapple with the moral and spiritual implications of the issues that affect us now and for eternity.

What is the Biblical solution?  Where should our focus be?
What can we learn from the sporting experience of a former professional Melbourne Rebels (in Super Rugby) and Melbourne Rising (in the National Rugby Championship) Rugby player turned Christian?

Who Is Fereti Sa'aga?
Fereti is a member of the Crossroads Officer Church, Melbourne.  He will share his testimony of God’s leading, and an important lesson he learned as a professional Melbourne Rebels Rugby player, for family and church unity and focus, in the turmoil that surrounds us today.

Here is the personal testimony of his journey of conversion to Christianity and seventh-day Sabbath keeping. 
In anticipation of my very first pre-season as a professional, my friends and I were drinking and partying away until pre-season began. However, on dropping my children off to my brother in law one day, I was met by a Bible study group who were with him.

He handed me an Ivor Myers evangelistic program flyer which began the following week and it was there where I found the truth.

“I truly met God face to face at that time leading to me being baptised and four years after that event I could no longer kick against the goads of conscience, deciding to walk away from my life and income as a professional Rugby player because there was no way of me being able to keep the Sabbath and to honour God fully.

I now attend the Crossroads Officer Church, Melbourne, with a mission to serve the people and to give glory to God by reflecting his likeness.”

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