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Is Your Church on Life Support?

(Rudy Hall - 94 pages)

The once thriving, healthy church was now very sick...

In fact, this church had dwindled to just a few members--six to twelve, depending on which week you might visit. This church was now on life support, and the plug was ready to be pulled. For some reason the life had been sucked out of it. There was still a building, still people, but no purpose, no life.

Sadly, this is an all too familiar story. Churches in almost every denomination are losing members and losing life. What is the reason for the falling numbers, and what can be done about it?

This book shows how the right tools can transform a dying church into a thriving church. This church went from six members to sixty, using these very same tools.

Indeed--every church is different, and every church has its own set of problems. But these principles, if followed, will help any church. There are situations, if ignored, that will cause dissension and loss of interest, and the result will be a dying church.

If it feels like your day at church is just going through the motions, then you probably are. The question really shouldn't be, "Is my church on life support?" The questions should be, "How interested am I to change it?" "What can I can I do to make a difference?" If you want to see energy and excitement in your church, this book is a must read.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Going on with That Little Church?
Chapter 2: Failure: The First Step to Success
Chapter 3: A Visit Causes Changes
Chapter 4: Been There, Done That
Chapter 5: A Time for Decision and Direction
Chapter 6: First Order of Business
Chapter 7: The Pastor Leaves, So What?
Chapter 8: The Missing Place
Chapter 9: The New Pastor Arrives
Chapter 10: Dealing with the Devil
Chapter 11: Time for a Rest
Chapter 12: Power of Choice
Chapter 13: Send Them Away!
Chapter 14: Six to Sixty

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