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Power Unlimited

(Louis Were - 251 pages)

In Power Unlimited, Louis Were shows the effectual way to receive power from God for daily victorious living and also how to triumph in the last great battle between good and evil. This is a timely and practical instruction on the message of Righteousness by Faith. Over and over in the Gospels, Jesus tells His disciples (and us) that victorious living and unlimited power — the same which He dislayed — was theirs for the asking. Until the day of Pentecost, they didn’t understand, and to this day, many of His people do not understand. Here, plainly set out, you can find the key to living a victorious life in Christ, which is the theme of the three angels’ messages, and the hope and certainty of eternal glory. For every promise and example that God gave His people, from Eden forward, the enemy has formed a counterfeit that points God’s children away from the Truth. This book will show you hot to take that truth back as a vital part of your faith that looks to God for every need and for daily sustenance. The same victory over evil that Christ experienced in the flesh can most certainly be yours, and there will be no fear of failure during the final conflict of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Louis Were PB 260 pg


    1. The Power Available
    2. The All-seeing Eye of the Creator-Priest
    3. Our Only Hope of Salvation
    4. How Power Comes
    5. How to Increase the Power
    6. Christ’s Ceaseless Ministry
    7. Satan&rsuo;s Powerful Attack Upon Christ’s Continual Ministry
    8. What Is Righteousness by Faith? — “Saving Faith Is a Transaction”
    9. “Fight the Good Fight of Faith” — Faith and the Christian Warfare
    10. With Jesus Within the Veil — A Special Last-Day Necessity
    11. With Jesus When Probation’s Hours Are Closing
    12. Palestine and Righteousness by Faith — A Vital Last-Day Truth
    13. The Lord’s Throne in Jerusalem and Its Relation to Righteousness by Faith
    14. God’s Government Is Still in Jerusalem — Scriptural Imagery
    15. Palestine the Strategic Center for Teaching Christ’s Righteousness
    16. Christ’s Last Call to His Church Concerning Righteousness by Faith
    17. The War That Commences Before Probation Closes
    18. The Beast and the Falso Prophet Lead in the War Against Righteousness
    19. The Gathering of the Nations to Armageddon and Its Relations to Righteousness by Faith
    20. “And I Saw Three Unclean Spirits”
    21. Last-Day Palestinian Prophecies Are Vital Messages Concerning Righteousness by Faith. How Satan Has Deflected These Christ-Exalting Messages for the Remnant Church
    22. “The Shining Light That Shineth More and More Unto the Perfect Day.” Why Will Some Seventh-day Adventists Reject It?
    23. The Interpretation of Prophecy Which Sustains the Remnant in the Final Conflict. Clear Light From the Spirit of Prophecy
    24. The Kings That Come From the Sunrising — A Vital Prophecy for Seventh-day Adventists
    25. Celestial Glory Now Flooding the Earth
    26. The Present, Personal Application of Revelation 16:12 in Connection With Righteousness by Faith
    27. Walking “In the Light Proceeding From the Throne of God” (9T 16)

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