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Revelations from Revelation

(Patrick M Jones - 625 pages)

Like a jewel box filled with bright jewels and rare coins, this book is a collection of the clearest views and brightest nuggets of light from many Second Advent writers, concerning the precious prophecies of the Revelation of Jesus Christ! Inside, you will find the most amazing thought revelations , the most beautiful jewels of truth you would never have thought of before. Listen as the harmonious voices of many Second Advent authors make clear Revaltion's fascinating lines of prophecies. Follow the footsteps of God's leading in the past, present, and future. If there was ever a book that should be, and is studied today, it is the book of Revaltion. In fact, God has pronounced a blessing on those who hear, read, and keep the words of Revelation. May this book be a springboard to still greater light for you.

"The author offers an enormous compendium of related bomments on each verse in the Book of Revelation. Most readers will find the comparison of the two views on the trumpets very helpful. Scholars and the general public will both find this extraordinary volume a time-saver" --Herbert Edgar Douglass, Th.D., Lincoln, California

"This is one of the best compilation works of commentaries on the book of Revelation that I have seen so far. It is concise and yet deep enough for Prophecy students to study with, and the various scopes of materials used in this book are going to feed your mind with a pleasant surprise. This book is going to be one of those guidelines you would like to have to study Revelation." --Pastor David Kang, President and Founder of Light for Life Ministry

"In this commentary, Patrick Jones has brought together many of the best Adventist prophetic thinkers to make clear such complicated prophecies as the trumpets, the seals, the beasts, and other important end time themes. This is a must read for anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of what the Bible actually teaches about the end times. I would recommend this work to pastors, Bible scholars, and lay members alike who desire to take a serious look at the Revelation of Jesus Christ." --Daniel Graham, M. Div. Pastor, Gainesville SDA Church

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