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The Greatest War Ever - eBook

(Freda Lemuel)

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The Greatest War Ever reveals the cosmic war going on behind the spiritual curtains between two invisible superpowers in the greatest controversy ever. It shows how the battles have been manifested on an earthly battlefield-stage for 6000 years. This mighty contest is a war of words, a battle in the minds and for the minds in a raging struggle to win souls over to one of two sides.  

Take a trip through 6000 years of history and see the planet as a theatre-stage with a Producer, Director, Prompter, acts, scenes and performers of goodies and baddies. Follow the drama as an invisible saboteur loses the plot and attempts to change the script and storyline. Watch how he cleverly becomes the Chief General with his own army using human agents to carry out his evil desires. Follow his war against the Chief Commander who has His own army and human warriors.  See the enemy and his tactics exposed in many most unexpected ways. 

Observe our precious planet from a totally different perspective.  Connect the past with the present to make sense of why our world is like it is today. Be part of the audience watching the most spectacular show on earth.  The climax at the end will come as an unexpected surprise bringing great hope for humanity.  The Greatest War Ever is a gripping saga not to be missed.

This presentation is a straight transcription of a series of eight talks given early 2022.  The author is a freelance writer/speaker in the final days of the long, drawn-out war when the time of free speech is almost over.  

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