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Deeper: Investigating the Integrity of Our Prophetic Foundations

(Eugene Prewitt - 191 pages)

Why does Revelation say that Satan will burn in the lake of fire "for ever and ever"? Why does the Old Testament teach that atonement was made on the Passover? What is the point of the 1290- and 1335-day prophecies? And what about the 2520-day prophecy? Why haven’t we heard about it before this?

Does the "remnant" of Revelation 12 include not-yet-converted Seventh-day Adventists? Why did scores of Bible students follow Ballenger out of the Adventist church when they did a Bible study on "within the veil"?

What is "present truth" for Adventists? And is it truly necessary for our prophecy lectures on the mark of the beast to quote largely from Catholic sources? Could we prove our point from the Bible alone?

And how do we know which prophecies are conditional and which are unconditional? And how can we say that Michael, "one of the chief princes," is divine? And if, according to Raymond Cottrell, the leading scholars of Adventism were unable to defend the doctrine of the investigative judgment, how can it be defended? Could it be established without a reference to Daniel 8:14?

These are unsettling questions. The purpose of this book is to settle them and many questions like them.

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