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Face to Face With The Real Gospel

(Dennis Priebe - 90 pages)

You've already noticed the title of this book: Face to Face With the Real Gospel. Real gospel? Wouldn't that imply a false gospel - a counterfeit? If the gospel is the good news of how God saves us, it should only be expected that the great enemy, Satan, would do all he could to create a counterfeit. And so he has - and does. Writing to the Galations, Paul the apostle spoke of "another" gospel. And in every age, the same tired old satanic counterfeits continue to echo from pulpits, books, and even from lofty ivory towers of higher learning. In this brief but seminal book, author Dennis Priebe lifts the fog that so often surrounds the good news. He deals with the obvious - with the biblical, and with the truth as Jesus and His apostles taught it. For example, if the gospel is about how God saves us from sin, the author writes, it's vital then that we understand what sin is! Is sin part of our nature? Is it a function of our will - our choice? The answer to how we define sin in turn answers a host of other questions that follow: Is it possible to overcome sin? If so, to what extent? Is Jesus our Example as well as our Savior? If so, what kind of human nature did He have? Can we overcome sin in the same way He did? In a sea of counterfeit gospels, like a lighthouse high atop a storm-lashed rock, this book champions the one true and real gospel!

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