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7 Ways to Wellness DVD

(Danny Vierra - 2 DVDs)

Danny Vierra, founder of the Modern Manna ministry and the BellaVita Lifestyle Center, explains in detail the role that the elimination organs play in keeping us healthy. He also shares why we're so toxic, why we’re so sick as a society, and how to correct the issues so that we may have vibrant health. [Click for more info ->]

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The Bacteria Connection DVDs

(Oscar Sande - 2 DVDs)

Our bodies can only remain healthy with the correct balance of beneficial bacteria. Today the average Australian does not live in this "eubiosis", but rather in an unbalanced state (dysbiosis). When this unbalanced condition is found in the gut, it can lead individuals to a whole range of disease conditions.   [Click for more info ->]

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Transformed Brain, Transformed life

(6 DVDs)

In this ten message series we cover a range of uplifting subjects that will strengthen your spiritual life. Learn fascinating insights on how the brain works and how it can be changed by the things we choose to think about. The brain, once thought to be incapable of change, has now been shown to have the potential of continual progress and transformation. Science is starting to catch up to what the Bible said all along, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." [Click for more info ->]

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Dr David Rankin 3 DVD Combo

(Dr David Rankin - 3 DVDs)

3 DVDs by Dr Rankin: 1 - Your Vital Organs: Brain, Heart, Lungs and Kidneys; 2 - Is Your GP a Good Doctor? Are You a Good Patient?; 3 - Preventing Children from Developing Behavioural Problems [Click for more info ->]

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