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The Brain Health Revolution

(David DeRose, MD, MPH - 1 DVD)

Optimal Mental Health for Life. Modern neuroscience has unleashed a revolution of information on naturally optimizing brain health. This 2-part series shares simple lifestyle factors, nutritional keys and other life-changing insights to greatly reduce risk of depression, stroke, Alzheimer’s and more. [Click for more info ->]

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What's with Wheat?

(Changing Habits - 1 DVD)

This 'What’s With Wheat?' documentary is a must watch for anyone who is concerned about the future of the foods they consume or may have any kind of health concerns. Wheat can certainly be an issue for many. The documentary investigates the growing epidemic of wheat intolerance and why after eating wheat for thousands of years, it has been linked to so many health problems. This DVD is PAL format and will work in all modern DVD players. [Click for more info ->]

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From Sickness to Health (2 DVD Set)

(Barbara O'Neill - 2 DVDs)

10 Programs on 2 x dual-layered DVD's.
What really causes disease? How does women’s health differ from men’s? How can we have a healthy heart and conquer high blood pressure? What are the 8 laws of health and how can we apply them? What is actually happening if you have osteoporosis and how can we strengthen our bones? How can we heal the gut and keep the colon regular? What is diabetes and is it actually incurable? What are the physical and spiritual effects of fasting? And most importantly, what are God’s methods of healing based on the Bible?
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