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14-Day Weight Loss Program DVD

(Jennifer’s Kitchen - 1 DVD)

From Jennifer’s Kitchen

Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, and your weight loss can be permanent. Weight loss expert Jennifer White lets you in on her secret. In this video series she shares how to lose the weight without going hungry, without counting carbs or calories. How to work with your body so it will naturally gravitate toward a lower weight, how to have fewer cravings, and how to feel healthier than ever! 14 programs on one DVD, varied in length, averaging about 8-9 minutes each. Excellent for personal use, for a weight loss group or challenge, and more. Each DVD purchase provides a free access code to members-only content (a $39.97 value). This includes a more in-depth 30-day program with daily assignments, weekly meal plans, recipes, and support.


Day 1: Smart Shopping
Day 2: Prepping Your Kitchen
Day 3: Deliciously Boost Your Metabolism
Day 4: Fat Fighting Meals
Day 5: But I Don’t Like Healthful Food!
Day 6: Wonderful Water
Day 7: Lighten Up
Day 8: Eating Healthy in No Time
Day 9: Nibble Notice
Day 10: Fast Food That’s Not Fat Food
Day 11: How to Build a Healthy Meal
Day 12: Counting Sheep
Day 13: Getting Outside the Box
Day 14: A Successful You!

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