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A New Powerful Way to Implement Real Health!

(Dr Coralia Jigau - 2 DVDs)

1. Lifestyle Medicine & a New Powerful Way to Implement Real Health!!  
Impressions from San Diego Lifestyle Conference 

2. Mitochondria - the Engine of the Cell. 
The impact of one of the body’s smallest organelles on your health

3. Antioxidants & Plant Polyphenols
The role of antioxidants, God’s way of healing.

4. Rewrite Your Future Health. 
Healthful behaviour will restore your health.

Dr Coralia Jigau was born In Romania and arrived in Australia in 1987. She graduated from the Medical School in the city of Iasi in 1980, together with her husband, Dr Chris Jigau. Now they each conduct their own very busy private clinics in Australia. 

About 10 years ago, Dr Coralia changed completely her point of view regarding her practice of medicine as she experienced the benefits of the Lifestyle Health Principles implemented in her own life and in the lives of her patients with great results. 

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