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Curtailing Cancer @ Home DVDs/Download

(Dr Galen Comstock - 2 DVDs)

We ALL produce cancer cells in our lifetime.  How then can YOU Avoid Getting Cancer? Could your environment, what you eat, and even the air you breath be the culprit? How can you arm yourself against this Deadly Killer?

Now you can find the answers!

- Understand How Cancer Works
- What You can Do to Avoid it
- Ways of dealing with Cancer if you already have it
  • Backed by Science
  • Proven by Experience
  • Hands on Demonstration
  • Q&A Sessions
Dr Galen Comstock spent many years working with cancer patients at Weimar Health Institute, USA. 

Iris Samuel is a R.N., specializing in lifestyle treatments. 

Note: Digital downloads are temporarily unavailable. 

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