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Dr David Rankin 3 DVD Combo

(Dr David Rankin - 3 DVDs)

1 - Your Vital Organs:  Brain, Heart, Lungs and Kidneys
How they function.  What can go wrong? Signs of deterioration. Keeping them healthy!

2 - Is Your GP a Good Doctor?  Are You a Good Patient?
Based on his extensive experience in working with doctors, David will share ways to ensure your interaction with your GP is a positive one.

3 - Preventing Children from Developing Behavioural Problems
Based on his work in child protection in New Zealand, David will highlight some of the characteristics and behaviours of children impacted by their parent’s depression or drug and alcohol use.  He will highlight helpful steps which can be taken by caring parents, friends and relatives.  He will explore ways to protect against attachment disorder and suggest ways that struggling parents might access help. 

Meet Dr Rankin

David is a medical doctor and specialist in medical administration.  He started his medical career as a GP at Warburton in the late 1980s.  Since then he has run a private hospital, been General Manager to New Zealand’s accident insurance organisation, been health advisor to several government departments and held the position of Executive Director of Medical Services in a large Melbourne health service.  David has a Masters Degree in both Health Administration and Public Health.

David has held a range of prominent positions including President of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators, President of the New Zealand Private Hospitals Association and the New Zealand  Institute of Health Management.  He is the cofounder of Youth Connect – a youth mentoring program based on Christian principles.

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