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Food as Medicine DVDs

(Dr David Bird - 2 DVDs)

How can I use food to prevent and treat bugs such as the common cold, herpes viruses, candida and intestinal parasites? How can I use food to help prevent and treat anxiety and depression? How can I use what I eat to prevent and assist in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease? 

Though food is not the only significant issue with our health, we all should know that it is one of the most important. Instead of 'popping pills', whether the drug or vitamin variety, how about first checking to see if we can't just 'pop' some special types or mixes of food instead?

Disc 1: Cooking Demo with Alisha - 32 mins
    Fighting Bugs with Food - 55 mins
Disc 2: Fighting Mental Illness with Food - 35 mins 
    Fighting Degenerative Diseases with Food - 50 mins

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